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About TecnoAplica®

At TecnoAplica® we have been providing technological solutions to the requirements of our clients for 12 years, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to carry out their projects making use of the following disciplines and technologies;
• Management and Sustainability.
• Multiplatform web and mobile solutions.
• Biometric Verification.
• System integration.
• Telemetry solutions.
• Process automation.
• RPA - Robotic Process Automation.
• Consulting and advice.
• Digital transformation.
• Call Center.

Management and Sustainability

In an area as sensitive and important as the rationalization of the use of resources, TecnoAplica® provides solutions for the management and sustainability of resources and processes. Through the use of datalogger and specialized sensors, we capture relevant parameters and automatic control, providing online data that feeds control panels and reports, generating quality information for decision-making in critical processes.

Among our sustainability products we find; WaterTreatment (WTS) for the control and monitoring of RILES, WaterSolutions (WS) for monitoring wells (OCAS) and tanks, EnergySolutions (ES) for monitoring the status and quality of industrial electrical networks.

Multiplatform web and mobile solutions

We comprehensively design and develop transactional systems for web, mobile platforms (Android and iOS), smartwatch, robust solutions for companies in the sectors; industrial, retail, mining, financial and services.

Among these solutions we have the workflow SICOT (Field Operations Control System), which is operating in sectors such as mining, retail, finance and industry, this solution can also be fed by automatic processes, which in case of detecting a deviation generate work orders for technical teams.

Biometric Verification

The correct validation, in the field or physical dependencies, of the identity of a subscriber or recipient of valued species, today constitutes an indispensable requirement.

Our service allows us to biometrically validate the identity of people with a valid identity card, in two ways:

  • By reading fingerprint.
  • Through dynamic facial recognition.

How does verification work?

We read the information contained in the chip of the identity card and biometrically compare it with the parameters of a fingerprint or an HD photograph.

Do you require integrations or additional requirements?

If you have other needs, we can optionally develop mobile components, web and APIs, to complement and integrate the solution with other processes and platforms.

System integration

Today, system integration is not only carried out between computer systems, but also with industrial IoT devices. We have extensive experience in system integration with third-party solutions.

Telemetry solutions

TecnoAplica® has developed numerous telemetry projects in the area of industrial IoT, with devices such as dataloggers, remote sensors for numerous processes, beacons, hydraulic pumps, electronic security, among others.

Process automation

At TecnoAplica® we have extensive experience in the automatic control of industrial processes, especially aimed at optimizing the consumption of water resources and in the management and recycling of industrial liquid waste (RILES), currently the correct and sustainable use of water.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

An RPA or Robotic Process Automation corresponds to the development of specialized software that replicates and executes the actions carried out by a person or system operator in computer applications. At TecnoAplica®, we provide these tailor-made solutions, for processes with and without human interface, including hybrid solutions.

Consulting and advice

At TecnoAplica® we support your company with a tailored suit in the definition, survey of processes and requirements for the implementation of our own technological solutions or those of third parties, in a simple way we identify the relevant areas or processes and the adjustments required for the introduction of technological improvements.

Digital transformation

Basically the digital transformation in an organization corresponds to the application of digital technologies in the different processes that compose it. At TecnoAplica® all our services and products are aimed at the digital transformation of business processes.

Call Center

We implement and operate customer service services to internal or external customers via telephone, we have experience in technical niches and specific services, providing fast and effective attention to end customers. Based on IP telephony, we can provide our service in a distributed and remote way, improving the continuity of the service.

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At TecnoAplica® we form long-term relationships with our clients, adapting to their needs and supporting them in the new challenges they face in dynamic environments.